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Vice-Chair, Position Description

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Within the workplace safety and insurance system, the Vice-Chair is responsible for the resolution of appeals from final decisions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and disputes about whether a worker has the right to sue in the Courts by rendering written decisions or, where appropriate, using dispute resolution mechanisms to reach resolutions consistent with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

Appeals involve novel, complex and contentious issues (e.g. occupational disease and other complicated medical claims, return-to-work disputes, disputes involving lengthy periods of benefits, employer penalties, employer assessments). Decisions are made under four different legislative schemes and affect the workplace safety and insurance system in Ontario.

The decisions must be rendered impartially and must appropriately consider workplace safety and insurance legislation, prior Tribunal decisions, evidence, Board policy, administrative law requirements and any other applicable law.

Hearings are conducted in a tripartite environment, which is respectful of the parties, their representatives and other Tribunal members and staff.

Key Functions

Law and Procedure

The Vice-Chair may carry out these responsibilities alone as a single Vice-Chair or as the Chair of a tripartite Panel.

A Vice-Chair:

Integrity and Fair Practices


Vice-Chairs are required to have the following abilities, skills and knowledge in order to carry out their responsibilities effectively:

Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
April 2018

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