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Tribunal - General

The Pre-hearing Process

The Hearing


Technical Guidelines

Tribunal Services

WSIAT Service Standards Policy

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WSIAT Service Standards Policy

Telephone Standards

When you contact the Tribunal by phone you can expect that:

Correspondence Standards

When you contact the Tribunal by fax or mail, you can expect that:

Appeal forms and information about the Tribunal and its process are accessible on the Tribunal’s web site, www.wsiat.on.ca; forms may be submitted to the Tribunal by fax at 416-326-5164, at any time.

In-Person Service Standards

If you visit the Tribunal, you can expect that:

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The Tribunal is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment in which all persons have equal access to its service and can participate fully in their appeals, particularly at their hearings. For more information, please see the Accessibility Policy for Customer Service.

French Language Services Act

Any person has the right to communicate with and/or obtain Tribunal services in French. Proceedings before the Tribunal may be held in English or in French or in both English and French.

For more information, please see the Tribunal’s French Language Services Guidelines.

Complaint Policy


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (the “WSIAT” or “Tribunal”) is committed to providing the highest quality of service to the public. From time to time, the Appeals Tribunal receives complaints about the quality of service related to its practices, the application of these practices or the conduct of Vice-Chairs, Members or staff. The WSIAT Complaint Policy has been developed to assist members of the public in understanding the complaint process.

Important Points about the Complaint Policy2

Complaints Procedure


Unless otherwise specified, the timelines in the Service Standards Policy apply to all headings under Complaint Policy.

Contact Names

Contact names and telephone numbers are located at the end of this policy. Additional contact information is also available at the Tribunal’s web site: www.wsiat.on.ca.

Decision Status Inquiries

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, section 127, provides that the Appeals Tribunal shall decide an appeal within 120 days after the hearing ends or within such longer period as the tribunal may permit. Most decisions are released before 120 days. However, due to the complexity of issues raised, some decisions take more time. When a decision is taking longer than 120 days to complete, the parties receive a written update from the Tribunal regarding the status of the file.

Contact information is provided at the end of the policy.

Making a Complaint about Policies and Procedures

Complaints about Tribunal policy and/or procedure may be raised with the Tribunal Director.

Making a Complaint about a Staff Member

A complaint about a staff member may be raised with that person directly. A complaint about a staff member may also be raised with the Tribunal Director, who will acknowledge the inquiry and refer it to the appropriate manager for response.

Making a Complaint about an Adjudicator (other than the Tribunal Chair)

A complaint about the conduct of a Vice-Chair or Member may be raised with the Vice-Chair, Member or the Tribunal Chair. Except in unusual circumstances, the need to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the hearing process will require the Tribunal Chair to defer the review until the hearing is complete.

When a complaint is raised with the Tribunal Chair, he will provide an acknowledgement within 15 business days. The Tribunal Chair will then advise the adjudicator, conduct a review and respond to the complaint.

Where a complaint relates to a Vice-Chair or Member’s involvement in an activity outside the hearing process, the complaint should be forwarded in writing to the Tribunal Chair.

Making a Complaint about the Tribunal Chair

The Minister of Labour or the Minister's delegate is the most appropriate choice for reviewing complaints against the Tribunal Chair.

Contact Information
Position Name and Telephone Number
Tribunal Chair David Corbett
Acting Tribunal Director: Susan Adams
Director, Appeal Services: Nicole Bisson
Tribunal General Counsel: Michelle Alton
Counsel to the Chair: Carole A. Prest
Decision Status Inquiries: Chair's Office
Reconsideration Request Inquiries: Call Centre
French Language Services Co-ordinator: Carmelle Salomon-Labbé
Ombudsman Ontario
Bell Trinity Square
483 Bay Street, 10th floor, South Tower
Toronto, ON M5G 2P2
General Inquiry Client Access Centre
416-586-3300 or 1-800-263-1830

1 15 working days is measured from the receipt of letter at the Tribunal to the mailing date of the response.

2 Nothing in this Policy prevents the Tribunal from taking appropriate steps in matters involving the security of, or abusive behaviour towards, Tribunal staff or adjudicators.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
Revised December 2015; January 2012

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