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Scheduling an Appeal

Will the Tribunal consult me when scheduling my hearing?

The Tribunal's first proposed hearing date is provided to the participants in writing. Letters are sent by courier to ensure timely receipt. Participants have two weeks to advise the Scheduling Department of any conflicts with the date. If a participant does not accept the date, a second hearing date is proposed in writing. If a participant does not accept the second date, the Scheduling Department will set a hearing date. The participants will then be provided with a notice that includes the date, time and location of the hearing.

The majority of cases are scheduled for the first proposed hearing date with few cases reaching the final stage of a date being set by the Scheduling Department. As well, most participants will contact the Scheduling Department by telephone or facsimile early in the 2-week response period if they cannot proceed with the proposed date. The process has been successful because it allows for consultation, provides hearing information to all participants and ample notice of proposed dates.

On occasion participants may be contacted by telephone about a hearing date. This method is generally reserved for extraordinary cases such as expedited requests.

How do I request an adjournment of my hearing date?

The Tribunal maintains a strict adjournment policy. Requests are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Participants are expected to check their availability as well as the availability of witnesses before confirming a hearing date in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. If a participant wishes to request an adjournment, he/she should send the request in writing, by facsimile if possible, to the attention of the Manager, Scheduling Administration. The letter should be copied to the other participants and must include the reasons for the request. In the event your request is denied, you should be prepared to proceed on the scheduled date. If a hearing is adjourned, it may be some time before it is rescheduled.