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Keeping Current

There are frequent changes in law, policy and procedure in the area of workplace safety and insurance appeals and there is an obligation for all practitioners to keep current with developments through continuing education and research.  The web has revolutionized the process of legal research and education, and all practitioners should have or acquire an understanding of the research tools available to them on the web.

The Tribunal’s website (www.wsiat.on.ca) provides practitioners with extensive information about pre-hearing and hearing processes and practice directions.   To keep current with new decisions review the Tribunal’s “noteworthy” decisions on a regular basis.   

Parties can search the Tribunal’s summary decision database www.wsiat.on.ca or do a free,  full text search on CanLii (www.canlii.org).  The librarians at the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library (OWTL) are available to assist practitioners with research questions.    If you have a question or would like training on how to use some of these databases please contact the library staff at 416-314-3700 or email: owtl@wst.gov.on.ca

There are other sources of important legal information available on the internet; the WSIB (www.wsib.on.ca) has a significant website where you can research policy and news; and current versions of legislation are available at the Ontario government website (www.e-laws.gov.on.ca).  In addition, there are numerous texts on WSI law and practice that many practitioners use as reference guides to assist in beginning research.   The OWTL library staff can recommend textbooks for you to read.