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As part of the WSIAT’s on-going efforts to promote consistency, transparency and overall fairness in its adjudication, a WSIAT Guide, entitled “WSIAT-Initiated Assistance for Medical Issues” has been created. 
The Guide explains the roles of the Medical Liaison Office (“MLO”) as well as the WSIAT’s Medical Counsellors and Medical Assessors.  The Guide also provides a comprehensive overview of the WSIAT-initiated assistance that is available in relation to medical issues arising in appeals, including:

A copy of the Guide can be found here: WSIAT GUIDE.  

In general, the WSIAT’s current processes with respect to seeking WSIAT-initiated assistance in relation to medical issues have remained the same.  However, some changes to the processes have been made, including:

It is important to note that all of the processes outlined in the Guide may be varied as appropriate in any appeal in the sole discretion of the WSIAT adjudicator determining the appeal.

The creation of the Guide and the changes to current processes reflect the WSIAT’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, sustainability, and excellence in adjudication.  Overall, WSIAT-initiated assistance in relation to medical issues supports the WSIAT in providing well-reasoned decisions in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

General questions or comments concerning the Guide and/or WSIAT-initiated assistance for medical issues can be made in writing and directed to the WSIAT’s General Counsel, Michelle Alton. 


  1. Are parties given an opportunity to provide additional evidence if a gap in the medical evidence is identified during the WSIAT’s pre-hearing review?
  1. Can parties provide input or make submissions when the WSIAT seeks assistance in relation to medical issues on its own initiative? 
  1. Will parties have an opportunity to make submissions about additional medical information, Medical Discussion papers and/or supplemental medical literature that has been added to the appeal record by the WSIAT and/or the other party?
  1. Will parties have an opportunity to make submissions if a Medical Counsellor recommends that the WSIAT adjudicator obtain assistance from a Medical Assessor?
  1. Can parties comment on the questions to be posed to the Medical Assessor?
  1. Why does MLO recommend only one Medical Assessor to the WSIAT adjudicator? 
  1. Why is a Medical Assessor Brief being created in all cases when there is a request for Medical Assessor assistance?  Can parties comment on the content of the Brief?