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Notice to Stakeholders:
Revisions to WSIAT Practice Directions

The Tribunal has identified the need to update and add to its existing Practice Directions to reflect practice issues that have not previously been considered in these documents and to ensure that Tribunal procedures are clear, transparent and written in accessible format, style and language.  It has redrafted existing Practice Directions, and drafted new Practice Directions with these objectives in mind.  The titles of the revised and new Practice Directions are listed below.

To ensure that it fully considers all perspectives, the Tribunal invites stakeholders to provide feedback on these draft Practice Directions.  To request copies of any or all of the draft documents, please send an email to Carol Fox at WSIATPDs@wst.gov.on.ca or contact Carol.Fox at 416-314-8924.  Stakeholders should send their written feedback by June 30, 2007 to Carol Fox, 505 University Avenue, 5th Fl., Toronto, ON M5G 2P2. 

Once the Tribunal has considered all feedback and made any appropriate changes, it will replace its current Practice Directions with the new and revised Practice Directions.  The only exception is the Practice Direction: Procedure When Raising a Charter or Human Rights Question, which will continue to apply.  The Tribunal will notify stakeholders via the website when this process is complete; it expects that the revised Practice Directions will take effect September 1, 2007.

Tab No. WSIAT Draft Practice Directions
May, 2007
1. Power to Determine Practice and Procedure
2. Starting an Appeal at the Tribunal (Notice of Appeal Process)
3. Confirmation of Appeal Process
4. Time Extensions
5. Right to Sue
6. Calculation of Time
7. Delivery and Filing of Documents
8. Written Appeals & Applications
9. Access to Workers' Files - Tribunal
10. Access to Workers' Files - WSIB
11. Deceased Workers
12. Mediation
13. Pre-Hearing Conference Calls
14. Disclosure, Witnesses & the Three Week Rule
15. Summons
16. Medical Information Requested by the Tribunal
17. Expert Evidence
18. Notice of Hearing & Failure to Attend
19. Assignments
20. Interpreters
21. Who May Attend a Hearing?
22. Adjournments & Withdrawals
23. Transcripts & Recordings - Tribunal hearings
24. Transcripts - Board Hearings
25. Fees & Expenses
26. Costs - Representatives
27. Inactive Appeals
28. Post-Hearing Procedure
29. Closing a File
30. Reconsiderations
31. Code of Conduct for Representatives

Posted on: June 1, 2007