WSIAT’s New E-filing Service – Additional FAQs

Further to the e-filing announcement posted on September 4, 2020, the following FAQs provide additional information to help you better understand the WSIAT’s new e-filing service.

1. As a representative using the e-filing service, do I use my name or my client’s name on the E-File page?

The person who is e-filing the information should provide his or her own name and e-mail address.

2. The confirmation notice does not contain the title of the e-filed document or form. Why?

At this time, the confirmation notice does not list the name of the document or form that was submitted to protect the privacy of personal or sensitive information. However, based on stakeholder feedback we will explore options for including this information on the confirmation notice if there is a safe and secure way to do so. Information about any enhancements to the e-filing application will be posted on the WSIAT’s website.

For now, you may wish to either print or save a screen shot of the completed E-File screen before you hit “submit” to serve as a record of what document or form was submitted.

Also, as is the WSIAT’s current practice, you will receive a confirmation letter within three weeks of e-filing the information indicating that your e-filed document or form was received and outlining the next steps of processing the appeal. If you feel there was an error or you have a question about the e-filed information, you may call the WSIAT’s Call Centre at 416-314-8800 or 1-888-618-8846, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

3. What should I do if I e-file the wrong document to the WSIAT?

You should call the WSIAT’s Call Centre right away to alert us to the error and have the confirmation number available to allow us to better track the misfiled information. You may then e-file the correct document.

4. Can I use the confirmation number to track down what document or form was e-filed?

Yes, the WSIAT keeps logs of all e-filed submissions received. The confirmation number will allow us to track what document or form was e-filed in the event that you need to call us to inquire about the submitted information.

5. Can I e-file a photo?

Yes, but you have to convert the photo to a PDF and the size of the PDF photo cannot be more than 7 MB. You may be able to reduce the MB size by adjusting the resolution of the photo before you convert it to a PDF document.

6. Can I e-file a video?

No, you cannot e-file a video because the WSIAT’s e-filing application only accepts PDF documents and a video cannot be converted to a PDF.

7. Why do I get an error message when I try to e-file?

First, try to address the error message by rebooting your device.

If you continue to receive an error message, it may be that your Operating System and/or internet browser is out of date. Due to strict encryption requirements, the e-filing application requires that you use an up-to-date internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. You may also need to update your operating system to the latest available version or patch level.

8. How late will the WSIAT accept an e-filed document or form?

E-filing is simply another method for submitting information to the WSIAT, like regular mail, fax or courier service. Although this voluntary service provides greater convenience for submitting documents and forms, it does not change the WSIAT’s Practice Direction for delivery and filing of documents and forms.

Similar to faxed information, when e-filing a document or form, the e-filing confirmation notice that you receive must indicate a time before 5 p.m.; if the time is after 5 p.m., delivery will be deemed to have occurred the next day.