Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

Decision 973 18
A. Patterson - P. Greenside - G. Carlino
  • Travel expenses (to training)
  • Expenses (licensing fees)

The worker was not entitled to reimbursement for the cost of a computer beyond the amount recommended in his LMR plan.

The Board reimbursed the worker for parking expenses on two days that he was writing examinations as part of the academic upgrading component of his LMR plan. On the third day of the examinations, he could not find a parking spot. He parked illegally and got a ticket. The worker was not entitled to reimbursement for the parking expense he would have incurred had he parked legally. Board policy provides for reimbursement of parking fees when use of a personal vehicle is approved. In this case, the worker did not incur an actual parking fee on the third day but, rather, a penalty for parking illegally.
The worker told his case manager that he was planning to move to a location farther away from his college program. The case manager suggested that the worker wait until completion of his LMR program because additional transportation costs would not be allowed. The Panel found that the worker was not entitled to increased travel expenses. The Panel noted that cost-effectiveness of an LMR plan is a consideration and that the additional travel costs would have resulted in a significantly higher cost of the LMR program.
The worker completed his college program as a paralegal. He was not entitled to reimbursement for annual licensing fees. The typical fees allowed by the Board relate to costs of the program itself, such as registration fees, tuition, textbooks and course materials, which are necessary to assist the worker to re-enter the labour market. The type of fees allowed does not relate the ongoing practice of the work.