WSIAT Medical Discussion Papers

The WSIAT prepares Medical Discussion Papers in order to make general information about medical issues that commonly arise in WSIAT appeals easily available to parties, representatives and adjudicators. Medical Discussion Papers are intended to provide a balanced, broad and general overview of a medical topic that can be understood by individuals that are not medical professionals.

Each Medical Discussion Paper is written by a well-qualified medical professional who has been selected by the WSIAT for her or his specific expertise.

Medical Discussion Papers are based on the current medical knowledge available at the time of writing. Medical Discussion Papers are not, however, intended to be the most up to date authority on a medical issue or topic, and are not peer reviewed.

A WSIAT adjudicator may consider and rely upon the medical information set out in a Medical Discussion Paper, but the WSIAT is not bound by a Medical Discussion Paper in any particular case. It is always open to parties to an appeal to rely on or distinguish a Medical Discussion Paper, or to challenge it with alternative evidence.

More information about Medical Discussion Papers can be found in the WSIAT Guide to Medical Information and Medical Assessors.

The WSIAT’s Medical Discussion Papers are organized into two categories: Current and Archived. Online versions of these papers can be obtained below. Current and archived copies of the WSIAT’s Medical Discussion Papers can also be obtained in hard copy from the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library.