Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

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Decision No. 1049 23

Discussion of an employer’s duty of confidentiality, possible conflict of interest in dual role, and what is relevant when releasing third party information in an access appeal.

Decision No. 242 24

Determining entitlement for meal expenses under Merits and Justice policy when self-represented worker was unaware of the need for Board prior approval.

Decision No. 1541 22 I

Decision on the merits for entitlement under OPM Document No. 17-01-10, “Cannabis for Medical Purposes” for non-designated condition of PTSD.

Decision No. 1566 23

Employer-mandated change in footwear considered part of a work-related injuring process causing a disablement injury.

Decision No. 204 24

Application of legislation in place of non-binding Board Practice Document in determining entitlement to psychological maintenance treatment.

Decision No. 799 23

Application of intervening cause principle to a subsequent non-compensable medical condition.

Decision No. 1509 23

Relevance of worker's healthcare records in determining employer access where the worker's entitlement to psychological condition is in dispute.

Decision No. 1515 23

Consideration of Somatic Symptom Disorder exception under updated CPD policy or psychotraumatic disability policy when pain is not the predominant symptom.

Decision No. 88 24

Determining entitlement for post-traumatic deformity of the foot after surgery.

Decision No. 1665 23

Consideration of commitment to succeed in modified duties when determining whether employment was suitable.