Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

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Decision No. 675 22 I2

Whether a section 31 application should be scheduled pending a Wagg motion compelling Crown disclosure.

Decision No. 663 23

Failure to cooperate in ESRTW, resulting in financial difficulty, as an intervening event in psychotraumatic disability entitlement.

Decision No. 973 23

Considering the definition of “manifest” in the context of the five-year requirement for entitlement to psychotraumatic disability.

Decision No. 1741 21

Determining what is "objectively traumatic" under Traumatic Mental Stress policy.

Decision No. 498 23

Determining the NEL rating for an arthrodesis procedure of the wrist when some range of movement is present.

Decision No. 73 22

Whether an interested party can provide objective expert evidence.

Decision No. 361 23

Entitlement to benefits for a stapes fracture of the ear and associated surgical repair.

Decision No. 508 23

Consideration of youth, geographic location, seriousness of injury and potential intellectual disability in determining a time extension application.

Decision No. 871 23

Whether proposed defendants not included in a filed civil action can participate in a section 31 application.

Decision No. 349 23

Disablement claim due to increased tasks as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.